Our Mission
To provide educational and career opportunities through competition and fellowship in order to develop leadership skills and integrity in young people interested in Berkshire, Chester White, Poland China and Spotted swine.


Junior board

The Junior Board develops and carries out all programs as directed by the general membership. In addition, the Junior Board serves as a communication link between the Team Purebred membership and the American Berkshire Association and Certified Pedigreed Swine Board of Directors and Staff.

How to Join the Junior Board
If you're between 17-20 years of age (as of January 1 of the current year) and interested in joining the leadership ranks of Team Purebred, watch for the application form posted soon.

2017-18 Team Purebred Junior Board

President -
Ella Fourqurean, Ky.
Vice President - Tyler Triggs, Iowa
Secretary - Adam Gradert, Ill.
Jackie Bauer, Md.
Mercedes Schulz, Wis.
Lauren Burgener, Ill.
Elysa Doherty, Wis.
Carson Read, Texas
Kara Robertson, Ky.
Jesse VanNess, Ind.

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Adult Board

The primary purpose of the Adult Board of Directors is to oversee the management of the organization, approve the annual schedule, and set policy.  The Adult Board, while considering recommendations from the Junior Board, shall pick and approve Judges for the World Pork Expo and the National Junior Show. These individuals are volunteers who provide advice and guidance to the Junior Board of Directors.

2017-2018 Team Purebred Adult Advisory Board

President - Shane Butcher, Ill.
Vice President - Jesse Birkenholz, Mo.
Secretary - Sara Wall, Ill.
Rhonda Armstrong, Ill.
Stan Eller, Okla.
Trent Loos, Neb.
Dale Richey, Ill.
Berkshire Rep.-Matt Ritter, In.
Chester White Rep.-Thomas Titus, Ill.
Hereford Rep.-Luke Edwards, Ill.
Poland China Rep.-Bruce Schulz, Wis.
Spotted Rep.-Taylor Farrer, Ind.

* Completes second term and cannot be re-elected