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To provide educational and career opportunities through competition and fellowship in order to develop leadership skills and integrity in young people interested in Berkshire, Chester White, Poland China and Spotted swine.


2014 NAILE Results


Berkshire --Class I
1 Dishman, Vade Straughn IN
2 Newhouse, Bradey Marion IN
3 Voight, Brodi Tipp City OH
4 Stahl, Hannah Brownstown IN
5 Myers, Alyvia Albany IN
6 Knapp, Skylar Greenfield IN
7 Lanum, Rylie Flora IN
8 OConnor, Stacia Valparaiso IN
9 Leonhard, Kendall Fortville IN
10 Concannon, Mitchell Albany IN
Berkshire --Class II
1-BC Trickle, Leigh Ann Warren IN
2 Newhouse, Lorrie Marion IN
3 Cline, Zachary Allenton MI
4 Rice, Karley Crawfordsville IN
5 Pierson, Morgan Mooresville IN
6 Lanum, Rylie Flora IN
7 Middleton, Beau Kankakee IL
8 McCullough, Allison Clifton IL
9 Thomas, Lauren Brazil IN
10 Fields, Ethan Brookston IN
Berkshire --Class III 
1-RBC North, Khyleigh Wolcottvilile IN
2 Kitterman, Mason Hartford City IN
3 Wehmeier, Macy Columbus IN
4 Jones, Kannon Greens Fork IN
5 Kitterman, Noah Hartford City IN
6 Barnett, Katie South Whitley IN
7 Briscoe, Baron Moundridge KS
8 Batt, Amity Salem IN
9 Richardson, AJ Mount Sterling OH
10 Beckmier, Logan Atwood IL
Chester White --Class I 
1-BC Halat, Bridget Genoa IL
2 Ensor, Nolan Greencastle IN
3 Hayden, Riley Lowell IN
4 Mench, Morgan Shirley IN
5 Hayes, Laney Heltonville IN
6 Misiniec, Jacob Bicknell IN
7 Noblitt , Breanna North Vernon IN
8 Bailey, Jarrett Decatur IN
9 Jean, Collen Lee Bedford IN
10 ONeal, Whitley Spencer IN
Chester White --Class II 
1-RBC Newhouse, Bradey Marion IN
2 Hoblyn, Jesse York NE
3 Wilson, Connor Rockville IN
4 Pickard, Kody Frankfort IN
5 Mench, Megan Shirley IN
6  Littlefield, Allison Burr Oak MI
7 McDonald, Ivan Evansville IN
8 McCullough, Allison Clifton IL
9 OConnor, Matt Valparaiso IN
10 Gaff Family Laotto IN
Poland China
1-BC Sheets, Kyndra Columbia City IN
2-BRC Beckmier, Tanner Atwood IL
3 Peters, Noel Danville IN
4 Myers, Alyvia Albany IN
5 Rice, Karley Crawfordsville IN
6 Miller, Jen Macy IN
7 Jackman, Crosby Milroy IN
8 Benner, Heidi Woodbine MD
9 Richardson, AJ Mount Sterling OH
10 Arnholt, Lynley Columbus IN
Spotted --Class I 
1 Larson, Mackenzie Tipton IN
2 Colvin, Charles Russellville IN
3 Underwood, Caleb Glasgow KY
4 Halat, Bridget Genoa IL
5 Loos, Lindsi Litchfield NE
6 Farrer, Alexis Royal Center IN
7 Burke, Maverick Carthage IN
8 Farrer, Kendalyn Royal Center IN
9  Fields, Ethan Brookston IN
10 Herr, Kendrick Greens Fork IN
Spotted --Class II 
1-BC Bonham, Baylor Newcastle OK
2-BRC Loos, Lindsi Litchfield NE
3 Maxwell, Truman Valparaiso IN
4 Kephart, Colton Franklin IN
5 Middleton, Beau Kankakee IL
6 Smith, Ashley Lebanon IN
7 Littlefield, Ben Burr Oak MI
8 Lowes, Chandler Anderson IN
9 Batt, Jayla Salem IN
10 Moore, Kayla Bloomington IN


Division I Showmanship Results
1 Sheets, Kyndra Columbia City IN
2 Jacobson, Drew Osceola IA
3 Cossey, Kayla Paragould AR
4 VanNess, Mary Danville IN
5 Sponcil , Cade Greenfield OH
6 Kitterman, Mason Hartford City IN
7 Batt, Silas Salem IN
8 Lanum, Rylie Flora IN
9 Knecht, Aiden Jeffersonville OH
10 Lynn, Carson Bainbridge GA
Division II Showmanship Results  
1 Harvey, Auburn Straughn IN
2 Page, Savannah Jefferson GA
3 Landry, Keri Jeanerette LA
4 Harvey, Ashtyn Straughn IN
5 Taylor, Meghan Uniondale IN
6 Taylor, Bailey Uniondale IN
7 Mead, Emily Sturgis MI
8 Dishman, Vade Straughn IN
9 Fearon, Madelyn Arcanum OH
10 Garland, Emma Danville IN
Division III Showmanship Results  
1 Landry, Hallie Jeanerette LA
2 Wininger, Peyton Waveland IN
3 Way, Kaci West Salem OH
4 Trickle, Leigh Ann Warren IN
5 Wright, Mason Albany IN
6 Gradert, Adam Geneseo IL
7 Littlefield, Brady Burr Oak MI
8 Kimley, Lea South Charleston OH
9 Siegel, Jenna Marion OH
10 Moore, Austin Albion IN
Division IV Showmanship Results  
1 North, Khyleigh Wolcottvilile IN
2 Taylor, Abby Uniondale IN
3 Pueschel, Austin Sturgis MI
4 Halat, Bridget Genoa IL
5 Scott, Carroll Hamilton OH
6 Garriott, Wyatt Bethany IL
7 Frobose, Hannah Pemberville OH
8 Wininger, Paige Waveland IN
9 Mench, Morgan Shirley IN
10 Scott, Macy  Perry KS
Division V Showmanship Results  
1 Gradert, Tyler Geneseo IL
2 Cox, Morgan Hope IN
3 Miller, Danika Terre Haute IN
4 Taylor, Kaila Uniondale IN
5 Doise, Hunter Jennings LA
6 Espey, Sarah  Scottdale  PA 
7 Langholff, Maisie  Wisconsin Rapids  WI 
8 Tidd, Alexandra  Hamilton MI 
9 Noble, Logan  Washington Ct. House OH 
10 MacBeth, Morgan  Blissfield  MI 


Champion Berkshire
Leigh Ann Trickle, Warren, IN

Reserve Champion Berkshire
Khyleigh North, Wolcottville, IN

Champion Chester
Bridget Halat, Genoa, IL

Reserve Champion Chester
Bradey Newhouse, Marion, IN

Champion Poland
Kyndra Sheets,  Columbia City,  IN

Reserve Champion Poland
Tanner Beckmier,  Atwood, IL

Champion Spot
Baylor Bonham,  Newcastle,  OK

Reserve Champion Spot
Lindsi Loos,  Litchfeild,  NE

Showmanship 1 Top 10

Showmanship 2 Top 10

Showmanship 3 Top 10

Showmanship 4 Top 10

Showmanship 5 Top 10