Our Mission
To provide educational and career opportunities through competition and fellowship in order to develop leadership skills and integrity in young people interested in Berkshire, Chester White, Poland China and Spotted swine.


National barrow Show

Barrow Show Results

Showmanship Results
1. James Earnhart, Indiana
2. Julia Patterson, Minnesota
3. Max Earnhart, Indiana
1. Lilly Jackson, Indiana
2. Evan Wynne, Illinois
3. Emily Harold, Iowa
4. Noah Mitchell, Indiana
5. Madeline Heins, Iowa
6. Kalyn Johnson, Indiana
7. Emma Burgener, Illinois
8. Tyce Freije, Indiana
9. Mallory Burgener, Illinois
10. Abbie Waddell, Missouri
1. Bridget Halat, Illinois
2. Alida Jackson, Indiana
3. Adam Gradert, Illinois
4. Logan Sieren, Iowa
5. Brayde Adam, Missouri
6. Elise Bailey, Missouri
7. Dane Johnson, Indiana
8. Mitchell Halat, Illinois
9. Shelby Veum, Wisconsin
10. Mercedes Schulz, Wisconsin
1. Raelynn Thompson, Indiana
2. Khyleigh North, Indiana
3. Carly Wechter, Indiana
4. Tyler Gradert, Illinois
5. Paul McAlexander, Missouri
6. Taylor Brown, Indiana
7. Nick Bangert, Iowa
8. Hank Levan, Illinois
9. Austin Bailey, Missouri
10. Bailey Kemp, Missouri