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To provide educational and career opportunities through competition and fellowship in order to develop leadership skills and integrity in young people interested in Berkshire, Chester White, Poland China and Spotted swine.


National Jr. Show

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Barrow Results


2014 National Junior Show Showmanship results
Novice Showmanship:
1. Kyndra Sheets, IN
2. Mary Van Ness, IN
3. Clay Aylesworth, IL
4. Nevaeh Brown, IA
5. Chandler Lowes, IN
6. Zander Brazel, IN
7. Olivia Shike, IL
8. Hannah Miller, IL
9. Rylie Lanum, IN
10. Maggie Goodson, IL
Junior Showmanship:
1. Nash Stoller, IL
2. Pierce Woodriff, IA
3. Eric Schafer, IL
4. Zander Ivey, OH
5. Makenna Green, IL...
6. Kylee Brown, IA
7. Lizzie Schafer, IL
8. Ashtyn Harvey, IN
9. Jarrett Fuehring, MO
10. Ethan Beaman, IN
Intermediate Showmanship:
1. Adrian Austin, IL
2. Lane Rinderer, IL
3. Megan Mench, IN
4. Colton Cooper, IN
5. Dalton Guffey, IN...
6. Maddie Fugate, IL
7. Jenna Wheeler, IL
8. Keaton Stoller, IL
9. Mercedes Schultz, WI
10. Paige Wininger, IN
Senior Showmanship:
1. Brennen North, IN
2. Gus Mitchem, OH
3. Garrett Lowes, IN
4. Stephanie Morris, IN
5. Peyton Hill, TX...
6. Cory Edge, IN
7. Morgan Cox, IN
8. Austin Pueschel, MI
9. Morgan Mench, IN
10. Dan Ammann, IL


1st  Rylie  Lanum Flora IN
1st Carter Pruet Danville IN
1st Connor Koopman Wingate IN
4th  Lakoddah Downes Council Grove KS
5th  Brayden Reid Concordia MO
6th  Mary Van Ness Danville IN
7th  Ella Bobell Lincoln IL
8th  Owen Reid Concordia MO
9th  Chandler Lowes Anderson IN
10th  Cuyler Rourke Iowa City IA
1st  Jared  Kollmann Altamont IL
2nd  Allison Wheeler Jacksonville IL
3rd  Harm Smith Forest IN
4th  Emma  Richardson Capron IL
5th  Nash Stoller Gridley IL
6th  Olivia Caldwell Elmwood IL
7th  Eric Schafer Owaneco IL
8th  Kylee Brown Earlham IA
9th  Sawyer  Schlipf El Paso IL
10th  Keri  Landry Jeanerette  LA
1st  Jenna Wheeler Jacksonville IL
2nd  Adrian Austin Mt. Vernon IL
3rd  Bailey  Sigrist Farina IL
4th  Halle Hartman Sayre OK
5th  Drew Lamle Fort Wayne IN
6th  Carlee Johnson Laredo MO
7th  Phoebe  Rogers Pocasset OK
8th  Dale  Schlutz Letts IA
9th  Lauren  Bush Flora IN
10th  Austin Stoner Taneytown MD
1st  Issak Mersch Twelve Mile IN
2nd  Jacob  Postin Lewistown IL
3rd  Max  Look Mapletown IL
4th  Jared Lamle Columbia City IN
5th  Dan Ammann Highland IL
6th  Hayden Wilder Remington IN
7th  Andrew Livingston Taylorville IL
8th  Austin Pueschel Sturgis MI
9th  Devin Ammann Highland IL
10th  Morgan Mench Shirley IN


1st Olivia Shike Sadorus IL
2nd Kyndra Sheets Columbia City IN
3rd Holden Miller Cabery IL
4th Hannah Miller Cabery IL
5th Hayden Miller Cabery IL
6th Emerson  Webber Flanagan IL
7th Davis  Howell Maroa IL
8th Hunter  Shike Sadorus IL
9th Logan Beckmier Atwood IL
10th Makenziee Smith Forest IN
1st Eric Schafer Owaneco IL
2nd Auburn Harvey Straughn IN
3rd Keri Landry Jeanerette LA
4th Morgan Richardson Capron IL
5th Makenna Green Arthur IL
6th Emma  Richardson Capron IL
7th Harm Smith Forest IN
8th Kylee Brown Earlham IA
9th Denim Pullen Homer MI
10th Mallory Burgener Moweaqua IL
1st Maddie Fugate Mahomet IL
2nd Mercedes Schultz Dalton WI
3rd reagan  langemeier marion tx
4th Meghan Clodfelter Sterling IL
5th Nelson Knobloch Wolcott IN
6th Drew Lamle Fort Wayne IN
7th Adrian Austin Mt. Vernon IL
8th Rhett Pursley Locust Grove OK
9th Carlee Johnson Laredo MO
10th Creigh Rourke Iowa City IA
1st Dylan Sigrist Farina IL
2nd Jordan Schippert Milford IL
3rd Caleb Brink Highland IL
4th Maxwell Look Mapleton IL
5th Dan Ammann Highland IL
6th Brandon Butcher Blue Mound IL
7th Brennen North Wolcottville IN
8th Grant  Knobloch Wolcott IN
9th Morgan  Cox  Hope IN
10th Austin Pueschel Sturgis MI


1st Maxwell Look Mapleton IL
2nd Brennen North Wolcottville IN
3rd Brandon Butcher Blue Mound IL
4th Garrett Lowes Anderson IN
5th Jared Lamle Columbia City IN
6th Issak Mersch Twelve Mile IN
7th Dylan Sigrist Farina IL
8th Dan Ammann Highland IL
9th Jessie Youngblood Nicholls GA
10th Mikayla Wehrle New London WI


1st  Kyndra Sheets Columbia City IN
2nd  Olivia Shike Sadorus IL
3rd  Mary Van Ness Danville IN
4th  Rylie  Lanum Flora IN
5th  Connor Koopman Wingate IN
6th  Carter Pruet Danville IN
7th  Hannah Miller Cabery IL
8th  Chandler Lowes Anderson IN
9th  Holden Miller Cabery IL
10th  Lakoddah Downes Council Grove KS
1st  Eric Schafer Owaneco IL
2nd  Nash Stoller Gridley IL
3rd  Emma  Richardson Capron IL
4th  Harm Smith Forest IN
5th  Kylee Brown Earlham IA
6th  Jared  Kollmann Altamont IL
7th  Keri Landry Jeanerette LA
8th  Pierce Woodruff Moorland IA
9th  Morgan Richardson Capron IL
10th  Zander Ivey Bloomingburg OH
1st  Adrian Austin Mt. Vernon IL
2nd  Maddie Fugate Mahomet IL
3rd  Jenna Wheeler Jacksonville IL
4th  Drew Lamle Fort Wayne IN
5th  Lane Rinderer Highland IL
6th  Halle Hartman Sayre OK
7th  Carlee Johnson Laredo MO
8th  Colton Cooper Sheridan IN
9th  Dale  Schlutz Letts IA
10th  Lauren  Bush Flora IN
1st  Maxwell Look Mapleton IL
2nd  Dan Ammann Highland IL
3rd  Brennen North Wolcottville IN
4th  Issak Mersch Twelve Mile IN
5th  Garrett Lowes Anderson IN
6th  Jared Lamle Columbia City IN
7th  Brandon Butcher Blue Mound IL
8th  Gus  Mitchem South Solon OH
9th  Austin Pueschel Sturgis MI
10th  Caleb Brink Highland IL

1st Hayden Miller Cabery IL
2nd Hannah Miller Cabery IL
3rd Holden Miller Cabery IL
4th Holden Miller Cabery IL
5th Ryker Beckmier Atwood IL
6th Makenziee Smith Forest IN
7th Hannah Miller Cabery IL
8th Tanner Beckmier Atwood IL
9th Hayden Miller Cabery IL
10th Davis  Howell Maroa IL
1st Nash Stoller Gridley IL
2nd Keri Landry Jeanerette LA
3rd William Weber Flanagan IL
4th Zander Ivey Bloomingburg OH
5th Nash Stoller Gridley IL
6th William Weber Flanagan IL
7th Kylee Brown Earlham IA
8th Rhett Swenson Sparta WI
9th Zander Ivey Bloomingburg OH
10th Ali Reid Concordia MO
1st Kassie Harris Norwalk WI
2nd Bridget Halat Genoa IL
3rd Bridget Halat Genoa IL
4th Hallie Landry Jeanerette LA
5th Hollie Harris Norwalk WI
6th Kayla Baker Edison OH
7th Nash Smith Forest IN
8th Nash Smith Forest IN
9th Hallie Landry Jeanerette LA
10th Kassie Harris Norwalk WI
1st Christine Todd Danvers IL
2nd Christine Todd Danvers IL
3rd Amanda Folck Mechanicsburg OH
4th Amanda Folck Mechanicsburg OH



Pen Decorating
1st Sara Geer & Wade Smith New Vienna OH
2nd Braden, Owen, Ali Reid Concordia  MO
3rd Keegan & Kendall Brewer Sweet Springs  MO
                 Costume Contest
1st David Helberg Burghill OH
2nd Talena Sprecher Lone Rock WI
3rd Devin Gaff Lanotto IN
Adult Sweepstakes
1st Larry Wehner Rossville KS
2nd Karla Smith Princeville  IL
3rd Tom Harfst Saunemin IL
4th Erin Musick Camp Point IL
5th Elise Geter Hico TX