Our Mission
To provide educational and career opportunities through competition and fellowship in order to develop leadership skills and integrity in young people interested in Berkshire, Champion Chester White, Poland Championina and Spotted swine.


2015 Southwest Regional Photos

Grand and Champ Chester Barrow; Rylee Simpson, OK

Grand and Champ Spot Gilt; Bailey Cox, OK

Res. Grand and Champ Chester Gilt; Rhett Pursley, OK

Res. Grand and Champ Spot Barrow; Anne Franke, OK

Champ Berk Barrow; Bailey Cox, OK

Champ Berk Gilt; Bailey Cox, OK

Champ Chester Gilt; Rhett Pursley, OK

Champ Cross Barrow; Pace Mittelstaedt, OK

Champ Hereford Barrow; Annie Schneider, OK

Champ Hereford Gilt; Rhett Taylor, OK

Champ Poland Barrow; Nicole Stevens, OK

Champ Poland Gilt; Dakota Hankins, TX

Res. Berk Barrow; Ethan Norman, OK

Res. Berk Gilt; Jayln Lundry, OK

Res. Chester Barrow; Karmin Jones, TX

Res. Cross Barrow; Peyton Hill, TX

Res. Hereford Barrow; Corbin Clark, OK

Res. Hereford Gilt; Gadson Jervis, OK

Res. Poland Barrow; Brylee Jarboe, OK

Res. Poland Gilt; Gadson Jervis, OK

Res. Spot Barrow; Jarrod Halpen, OK

Res. Spot Gilt; Cooper Jones

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