Our Mission
To provide educational and career opportunities through competition and fellowship in order to develop leadership skills and integrity in young people interested in Berkshire, Chester White, Poland China and Spotted swine.


WPX Winner Photos

Champion Berk Barrow
Bradey Newhouse, IN

Reserve Champ Berk Barrow
Shelby Holmes, KS
Champion Berk Gilt
Gilt Clint Peacock, IN

Reserve Berk Gilt
Stephen Gentry, IN
Champion Chester Barrow
Lane Rinderer, IL

Reserve Champ Chester Barrow
Sam Smoot, IN

Champion Chester Gilt
Olivia Caldwell, IL

Reserve Champion Chester Gilt
Katelyn Cozart, TX
Champion Poland barrow
Megan Mench, IN

Reserve Champ Poland barrow
Samantha Klemme, IN

Champion Poland gilt
Olivia Caldwell, IL

Reserve Poland gilt
Dalaney Vickrey, IN
Champion Spot barrow
Cody Berling, IN

Reserve Champ Spot barrow
Nash Stoller, IL

Champion Spot gilt
Hannah Miller, Il

Reserve Spot gilt
Linden Kaliff, NE