Team Purebred Junior Board Application Posted

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Junior Board? The Junior Board of Directors provides the leadership for the Team Purebred membership.  The Board is made up of ten individuals serving two-year terms.  This year we will elect 5 members. Junior Board members are the ambassadors of Team Purebred at local, regional and national events as well as responsible for the planning and execution of the Summer National Show in Springfield, IL.

Who can run for the Junior Board? All Team Purebred members ages 17-20 (as of January 1 of the election year) are eligible to run for the Junior Board.

When is the election? The election will be held at the Annual Meeting on Thursday during the National Junior Show in Springfield, IL. Attendance at the show IS REQUIRED. Candidates must arrive by 7pm on Tuesday of the National Junior Show. Any candidate which this will create a hardship should contact Kristi Smith in advance to make arrangements.

Things to consider before running for the board:  There is a considerable time commitment required to serve on the Junior Board.  Attendance is required at one in-person, and one possibly virtual/ possibly in-person leadership retreats, The ”Recovery”(or the Exposition), and the National Junior Show in Springfield.  Attendance at at least ONE regional show is required, others are encouraged.  Regular communication with the Director of Jr. Activities and other Junior Board members is expected as is a willingness to participate in leadership development programs.

The Application Process

  • Fill out the general contact information below.
  • Answer the following questions on separate sheet(s) of paper.
  • List three references not related to you and their contact information.
  • Include a professional-quality headshot photo of yourself.
  • Mail to Team Purebred, Kristi Smith, P.O. Box 9758, Peoria, IL  61612-9758
  • Applications and photos may be emailed to
  • NEW FOR 2021: Interviews WILL BE scheduled prior to the STC to determine the slate of candidates. 
  • Application must be postmarked or emailed by May 1, 2021 for consideration.

Feel free to reach out to Kristi Smith at 309.645.7885 if you have any questions or concerns!