Jackie Bauer Buddy Program

The foundation of Team Purebred has always been our junior members. Jackie Bauer was cornerstone to our organization, throughout her time on the Junior Board of Directors she was beacon of hope to our younger members. Those privileged enough to interact with Jackie, will remember her kind spirit, fun loving smile, and willingness to give back to others.  Jackie was a valued, hard-working member of the Team Purebred Junior Board, who always enjoyed working with the youth of our organization. Unfortunately, in 2018, we lost Jackie.   

The Jackie Bauer Buddy Program will serve as a way to remember and honor Jackie, as we continue her investment in the youth of Team Purebred. The Jackie Bauer Buddy Program embodies the values that Jackie practiced in her life, and the light she was to our industry, and our world. The Jackie Bauer Buddy Program is set up to remind our membership that Some-Buddy truly cares and Some-Buddy will always be there for you.

The Jackie Bauer Buddy Program’s purpose is to create deep bonds within our industry. It is also to remind our members that some days are darker than others, but there is always a brighter day coming, and something, or Some-Buddy to look forward to.

We want to connect our mentors with younger mentees to laugh, foster relationships within our industry, and celebrate the camaraderie that Team Purebred prides its self on. Our mentors will serve as guiding light to the next generation of Team Purebred leaders, and become someone that their mentees can turn to when they are struggling, or just having a bad day. 

The Jackie Bauer Buddy Program allows our participants to know that Some-Buddy truly does care, as we strive to build stronger foundation for our organization and our membership.

All ages of mentors and mentees are accepted. We are also looking for passionate and experienced adults who have a soft-spot for developing leaders. Please email the application to the Director of Junior Events at: teampurebred@teampurebred.com

Details for the Jackie Bauer Buddy Program can be found here: https://teampurebred.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Final-Jackie-Bauer-Memorial-Mentoring-Program-1.docx

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Member Mentor Applications can be found here: https://teampurebred.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/2020-JBMP-Member-Mentor-Application.docx

“Buddy” Mentee Applications can be found here: https://teampurebred.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/2020-JBMP-Buddy-Application.docx